Jeffrey Lowe - Foxpro Consultant
Benefits of Freelancers & Software Development Firms

Freelancers/Remote Software Development Firms are being regarded as the future of software development. The benefits from remote work usually include reductions in labor costs depending on the region, very experienced, hardworking and skilled workers without restricted hours of operation.

My main focus is building custom software applications on any scale, from small consultations, to start to finish custom software projects that last for years. I provide software development, project management and architectural know-how. I can help you build applications better and faster, and help you improve quality, maintainability and reduce your time to market, thus reducing the risks that are inherent in every software development project.
".....a phenomenal programmer who maintains the highest possible developmental standards (all too rare these days). He manages to quickly assess the needs of a situation, then sets about to fulfill them."
".....pays attention to the details, listens well and does quality work."
".....has worked on multiple development assignments for me in the past. His professionalism  and technical expertise have resulted in projects which were delivered on time and within budget."
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Remote Development Requires Preparation

According to a report from IAG, 68% of technology projects fail. Wow, that seems staggeringly high doesn’t it? Well IAG found key attributes that lead to these failures.

1 - Poor Requirements
2 - Lack of Business Analysis